Inspira Project

Project management software Inspira Project helps an organisation manage it’s projects
systematically and efficiently. It has all the features which a project manager needs to manage
the planning and execution of a project effectively without incurring time and cost overruns.

Projects and Tasks

  • Create any number of projects along with target start date, end date and budgeted cost
    and assign the project to one or more Project Managers.
  • Prepare project plan by defining any number of tasks and sub-tasks along with targeted
    start and end date and budgeted cost for each task and sub-task.
  • Assign tasks and sub-tasks to different officials / supervisors.

Material Management

A typical project often involves use of lot of materials of various kinds. Inspira Project’s material management module helps track the following -

  • Receive construction materials for project.
  • ssue materials for different tasks or sub-tasks for a project.
  • Track materials received, issued and current stock position of materials.
  • Track project wise, task wise material consumption.

Labour Management

The labour component of project costs is steep now-a-days. So needless to say, it’s very
important to closely monitor the use of labour and payouts for the same for any project.
Inspira Project’s labour management module helps track the following -

  • Track labour usage for each task or sub-task.
  • Track project wise, task wise labour usage and cost.