Inspira CRM – Sales

Inspira CRM for sales lets you automate processes and efficiently manage activities throughout the entire sales cycle, including initial contact, preparation of proposal and closing of sales.
With Inspira CRM – Sales , every prospect’s profile and interaction history can be tracked in detail, including address book to manage contacts, source of leads, quotation, orders, strong sales analysis & follow ups, emails and opportunity management that helps in maximizing sales process, measuring sales performance and tell you the reasons if you lose a deal and much more. Sales teams are equipped with the necessary information for engaging customers, earning loyalty and driving repeat business.

Leads Management

Lead Management describes the overall process by which potential customers are identified, educated, engaged, qualified and given to sales to be converted into sales opportunities & finally into satisfied customers.

Sales people can easily manage their tasks and give Right Attention to the Right Leads at the Right Time and convert them to Customers without a miss. This helps you easily Capture, Process, Track, Nurture and Respond to your leads from anywhere at any time.
It helps to keep a record of all customer enquiries and sales prospects once you identify them. You can assign a lead to a sales person. Under this section one can define the Lead type as well can put the lead under different categories.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management facility of Inspira CRM helps sales persons follow-up on the promising leads with potential for conversion to actual sales. It is possible to move all the qualified leads to the
opportunities or prospects list so that one can closely follow each opportunity through the entire sales cycle to ensure maximum sales closures.

With opportunity management, sales managers can proactively monitor the progress of sales
opportunities through various stages of sales, resulting in better conversion rates. It allows you to track opportunities related to specific products or services that you would be most interested in pursuing.

Opportunities management provides sales personnel with regular notifications on sales opportunities in real time, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Activities Management

Inspira Sales CRM provides Activity Management solution for tracking sales activity related tasks and get detailed reports on every ongoing and historical activity related to customers, employees and processes.
One can plan, implement, monitor and manage all sales related activities in custom manner to ensure efficient and smooth functioning of operations at every stage of sales. Sales persons can access historical activities pertaining to opportunities / prospects to serve a prospective customer in best possible way.

Quotation Management

Quotation management is an essential tool for any business that issues sales quotes for generating
business. Quotation generation system of Inspira CRM helps an organisation easily and quickly prepare fairly complex proposals for multiple product types, products with different specifications, different rates of taxes etc.
It is possible to define customised headers, footers, terms and conditions and cover letters for each
quotation, with fonts and sizes of choice for generating professional looking commercial proposals.
It is possible to prepare quotations by importing relevant details like customer information, product
details etc. directly from an opportunity record and then easily mail the quotation to your prospect with minimum of efforts.

Target Achievement Analysis

Inspira Sales CRM helps to set product type wise, sales executive wise and dealer wise targets. It helps monitor and manage the expected actual performance of sales team over a given time period for an individual sales representative or organization.